Giving At Work

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Giving-back, at Work?

What is workplace giving?

MaineShare gives you, as an employees an easy way to give a few dollars a week from your paycheck and support groups working for Maine every day. This simple process allows all workplace employees to choose to make tax-deductible donations to Maine organizations through payroll contributions and enables a workplace and its employees to work together to benefit the community.

MaineShare’s workplace giving campaigns are “donor driven”.  Donors have a choice to designate all or a portion of their contributions to specific member organizations. Staff and board make no decisions about donated money is distributed. Each employee donor chooses how to distribute a gift on an annual pledge form. Giving a few dollars a week out of your paycheck is easy and convenient. MaineShare comes to your workplace once a year and then you decide how much to give and who you want to receive your gift.

Donors also have choice to give anonymously, or might choose to receive an acknowledgment from designated member groups receiving your donation.

“MaineShare is appealing, quick and easy- giving employees choices that cover a broad spectrum of statewide issues.”
-Ann Michaud, Campaign Coordinator for Bowdoin College, one of 150 workplaces where MaineShare is offered.

Why donate via payroll contribution?

Effectiveness: Donations through workplace giving enables MaineShare’s member groups to spend less time fundraising and more time working to prevent and solve Maine’s pressing problems.

Efficiency: Raising funds through payroll deductions in workplace giving campaigns is many times less expensive than direct mail (the most common way that non-profit organizations gain new supporters). With lower fundraising costs, more money can go directly to programs and services.

Convenience: Once a year donors decide which issues are most important to them. They choose an organization(s) to support and the donation comes directly from their paycheck.

Consistency: Funds raised through payroll deduction help our groups plan for the future. After workplaces have concluded their giving campaigns, they send MaineShare the results. MaineShare then reports to its members the amount of the donations they will receive, allowing them to budget with confidence.

Accountability: MaineShare member groups are carefully screened each year and are held to strict accountability standards. This gives our donors peace of mind, knowing their money is being well managed.

If your workplace offers MaineShare, look for our pledge form during your workplace giving campaign. If not, contact us to offer MaineShare at your place of work.

Workplace Fundraisers

The SpringShare –  #thespringshare –  May

Each year, MaineShare runs 2 larger giving day campaigns for our organizations.  The first, The SpringShare, runs in May and encourages Mainer’s to participate and or host their own celebration of the Maine they love!  We partner with an organization called GiveGab, who helps run giving-day fundraisers across the country.  Visit  to learn more about this opportunity, where  you might host your own celebrations, participate in our gatherings as a volunteers or celebrant, or simply give online to earn points against a workplace dress down day or other credit for community engagement with your organization.

the springshare


Get Outside for A Better Maine –  #Go4Maine – July to September

During the Summer, MaineShare challenges our supporters to start outdoor adventure teams as they support MaineShare!  This online challenge to enjoy Maine’s best time of year encourages people to build teams of friends, co-workers and/or family to meet for a swim, surf, sail, wheel, walk, hike, paddle or other fun outdoor activity as they raise a few dollars for MaineShare!  Learn more at

We would love for you to join our team or start your own!



Giving Tuesday – MaineShare – #Giving Tuesday @MaineShare – November to December

MaineShare does it’s best each year to participate in this annual global movement to support our 44 non-profits in Maine.
On November 27th, this year, MaineShare participates in #GivingTuesday and gives 100% of all gifts to it’s member groups, distributed equally!

At work, you might host a potluck, dress-down, or ‘silly sweater’ challenges with the goal of supporting over 44 non-profits at once –  where 100% of the funds raised are divided equally amongst all MaineShare member groups and distributed to them in early January.  Connecting #GivingTuesday  in support of MaineShare as an activity at the end of the year can help you and your co-workers both feel great about your participation and your contribution to causes you care about!

Contact us at or 207-622-0105 of you have any questions and thank you for your consideration.