Workplace Giving

Benefit to Employer

Companies need strong communities to succeed.  Show you value the health and welfare of your neighbors by investing in vital and vibrant communities.  Companies of all sizes benefit from building strong communities.

CHOICE IN GIVING  Employees are proud to work for companies that care about what they value in the community.  Adding new options to your campaign will increase employee participation and reflect your value of a diverse and inclusive workforce.

Helps meet consumer demand for increased Corporate Social Responsibility.

Provides a single point of contact between your business and over 40 statewide nonprofits working everyday for the people and environment of Maine.

Offering workplace giving does not require a cash investment from your company.  We ask you to establish a lead campaign contact at your company and give us 10 minutes at a staff meeting.  We will work with you to minimize your time costs and maximize community impact.

It’s good for business. Conducting a MaineShare campaign is an excellent way to demonstrate your company’s commitment to the health and future of our community.