The SpringShare May 18 2018

The SpringShare is an online day of giving hosted by MaineShare for over 40 statewide nonprofits in Maine dedicated to building an equitable, just community, and protecting our environment.

We invite you to join you fellow Mainers as we celebrate the causes and values we care about in Maine.  This day-long annual event will encourage people who love Maine to give to the organizations that work every day for economic opportunity, environmental sustainability, diversity, education, the arts, health, safety, animal welfare, social justice, and peace in this great state!

This year The SpringShare is Friday, May 18th, 2018.  With our community of 44 Maine nonprofits, MaineShare will kick things off at 12:00 am and will keep the Giving momentum going all day long, until 11:59 pm. Mark your calendars for an incredible day of generosity, partnership, and community-building in Maine.

This is our first year running this campaign and we really need help creating a foundation for this annual event. This year we hope to raise $4,000 per MaineShare member organization. These funds will not only give a financial boost to our current campaign efforts, but, because of the ease and efficiency in reaching new donors through this single giving day during each Spring, we are helping our organizations spend more time doing their work and less time fundraising.

Stay tuned for a schedule of events!

If you are a member group, visit  to learn more!

If you are interested in becoming a corporate sponsor, download the toolkit below and then contact us at


If you are a supporter, follow #thespringshare and our twitter page and join us at our upcoming events!