The SpringShare May 22 2019

The SpringShare is an online day of giving hosted by MaineShare for up to 40 statewide nonprofits in Maine dedicated to building an equitable, just community, and protecting our environment.

Join us  each May as we celebrate the causes and values we care about in Maine.  This day-long annual event will encourage people who love Maine to give to the organizations that work every day for economic opportunity, environmental sustainability, diversity, education, the arts, health, safety, animal welfare, social justice, and peace in this great state!


Why is MaineShare do a giving day?

MaineShare is picking up the pace of many other community share and community foundation organizations throughout the country.  One of our sister organization, Wisconsin Shares, began a giving day in 2010 called  and raised over $70,000 for approximately 65 organizations.  In 2018, their total revenue topped $430,000 for over 70 organizations throughout the State. This exponential growth, over a short span of time, resulted in community driven, unrestricted revenue for both small and large organizations who desperately needed this support.

Giving Days work!  This last summer, our associate director, Ana Maria Hluska gathered with over 30 community share and community foundation leaders in Ithaca, NY, hosted by and learned about their successes, the terrific resource in the givegab giving platform, and brought back some great strategies and approaches so that we can step this model up for MaineShare organizations in 2019!

This can work!  We’ve already done some of the heavy lifting!  In 2018, over 30 maineshare member organizations joined in on the inaugural year of The SpringShare and took time to built their own digital profiles. These profiles are still in place for the coming year and will once again become active as part of The SpringShare for furthur build out, sponsorship reach, matching donor engagement, and eventual giving day push! As this work is being done by member groups, MaineShare will also be working to secure sponsorship and challenge prizes to our member organizations!

2019 Goals

In 2019, we hope to raise $50,000 for our member groups and expand our reach to over 50,000 people who care about the causes we support!  In order to do this, we need your help in the form of direct sponsorship, media in-kind sponsorship, prize sponsorship, volunteer support, peer to peer endorsement, and of course by giving to your chosen cause or causes!

The SpringShare is a community effort!  We are seeking individual supporters, donors, and larger organizational participation at all levels as we begin to plan for this day!

On May 22nd, 2019, The SpringShare will begin at 12:00 am with a kickoff cjhallenge, and will be followed by an all-day series of MaineShare hosted, member group hosted, and volunteer fundraiser hosted events and challenges throughout the state of Maine!  Whether you are interested in participating as a business or individual, there is a place to match your contribution with our goals!

Businesses are invited to issue challenges to member groups representing the environment, economic opportunity, education, social justice, civil rights, health and safety, diversity, and the arts!

Member organizations are welcome to solicit their own matches as they challenge their donors, old and new!

How do we participate? 

October to December, 2018

  • Direct Business/Corporate Sponsorship
    • Corporate/Business Sponsor/Challenge Prize Donor Toolkit
    • Media InKind Toolkit
  • Member Group Participation
    • Commit to Participate and calendar May 22nd
    • Review Member Group Toolkit
    • Agree to participate
      • Individual Fundraiser Toolkit
    • Member Group Committee Meetings

January to February

  • Business/Corporate Prize/Challenge Sponsorship
    • Corporate/Business Sponsor
    • Challenge Prize Donor Toolkit
    • Social media,  recognition of larger sponsors
  • Media/Communications
    • In-Kind Media Sponsorship solidified
    • Press Releases Built
    • Sponsorship Package integrated into all collateral
    • Social Media Templates Built
  • Member Group
    • Prize/Match Challenge Sponsorship Reach
    • Member Group Training Portal Live
    • Profile update and platform Build-Out on
    • Social Media Communication Templates Built
    • Board/Donor engagement plans solidified

March to April