Get Outside For a Better Maine

July 15th to September 15th


Its easy!  First,  join this team or create your own team using the fundraiser link, above. Customize your team’s page. Your team can be one or many!  Add your story.  (Let us know if you need some help).

Second, plan your trek! Decide who you want to wheeel or walk or run or hike and bike with and where you want to go!  You can trek on your own, or challenge your co-workers, friends, and  family to join you on a specific trek!  Feel free to kayak, jog, run, or wheel any where you like, for as long as you like.  Plan at least one date, time, and activity for your team to participate in, or simply keep a log of your own regular hiking and biking!

Third, invite everyone to join and/or sponsor you and your team!  Use the social media tools provided by Razoo, and send the link to the page you create to your friends via email!

Then, get out there and do it!  Share your accomplishments  as image and story as you spin, step and paddle. When you go, take a few pictures and post to twitter, instagram and facebook. When you do, please tag  and follow us  @maineshare and as you do, invite others to join you at 

Razoo keeps track of your team’s progress based on the goal you set. Raise the bar on the entire challenge, but of course, have fun outdoors – at your own pace!

Last,  you might end your team challenge in a gathering – at a local juice bar or pub or picnic ground to celebrate your hard work at being outdoors while helping us support causes you care about!

100 % of the sponsorship and pledges you raise and collect go directly to MaineShare in order to continue to support the MaineShare community – a progressive group of over 40 statewide organizations working for education, cultural diversity and the arts, economic opportunity, safety and health, the environment, and social justice and peace.

This virtual challenge is designed to help us help you raise awareness of progressive change  that you want to see in Maine, while giving everyone the chance to get outside and have fun as you raise much-needed funding for MaineShare.

Learn more about Maineshare at .

If you cannot participate this year, you can still support the event by making a donation online via RAZOO, or by simply sending a check made out to “MaineShare” and mailed directly to MaineShare at PO Box 2095, Augusta, Maine.

Many thanks to our MaineStay Business Supporters!

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